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White-Collar Crime

Typically, white-collar crime cases involve multiple victims, which often leads to them being classified as felonies. However, being charged with a white-collar crime does not inherently imply guilt. You have the right to defend yourself. In navigating a lawsuit brought by the prosecution, the assistance of an experienced attorney is crucial to ensure your legal rights are upheld. Kerb Law Group will defend your rights vigorously and strive for the best possible outcome.
Types of White-Collar Crime

Kerb Law Group can handle various types of white-collar crimes, which generally include:
• Money Laundering
• Fraud
• Identity Theft
• Intellectual Property Theft
• Ponzi Schemes
• Embezzlement
Fraud is one of the most common types of white-collar crime, and some fraud cases involve being wrongfully accused. If you are facing charges of fraud or any other white-collar crime by the state, contact Kerb Law Group promptly. Our team of attorneys will develop the most effective strategy to protect your legal rights.
Consequences of a White-Collar Crime Conviction
A conviction for white-collar crime can result in several years of imprisonment and substantial fines, significantly impacting your future life. Besides legal penalties, a white-collar crime record will also severely negatively affect your employment and daily life. Contact the criminal defense attorneys at Kerb Law Group immediately to develop the most effective response strategy for your situation.

When to Hire an Attorney?

It is advisable to seek an attorney’s help when you are arrested, under investigation, or suspect that you might be charged with a crime. Seeking legal advice early on helps to protect your rights and provides proper guidance throughout the legal process. Even if you have not been formally charged or accused, an attorney can help you understand your rights, assist in communicating with law enforcement, and offer advice to protect your interests when necessary. For example, if you are accused of a felony, hiring an attorney before the case is formally charged can be crucial. At this stage, an attorney can intervene during the grand jury phase, sometimes preventing you from being charged. In criminal proceedings, the earlier you hire an attorney, the better. In early consultations, an attorney can offer more options and appropriate strategies for your case to maximize your rights.

Facing criminal charges, especially felonies, signifies potentially severe consequences. A conviction can lead to substantial fines, unemployment, imprisonment, and even deportation. The accused must choose a professional attorney. Only those with extensive experience in criminal defense can achieve the best possible outcomes for you. Often, selecting an excellent attorney could lead to acquittal or dismissal of charges, allowing you to leave the courtroom satisfied. However, an acquittal or dismissal of charges is unlikely if the prosecution holds vital evidence. Therefore, the defendant should select the best course of action under the guidance of their attorney.

Some attorneys might claim, ‘I will confront the prosecutor,’ but there are more effective approaches than this. In many cases, negotiating and collaborating with the prosecutor proves to be a superior strategy. At such times, only an attorney with extensive experience, comprehensive knowledge, and adept skills can secure the best possible outcome for you. Kerb Law Group has extensive experience in handling a broad spectrum of criminal cases, encompassing drunk driving, domestic violence, sexual offenses, theft, white-collar crimes, and drug-related offenses.

If your case goes to trial, you need an experienced trial attorney. Kerb Law Group boasts experienced trial attorneys who will develop the best strategy for you. They will advocate vigorously in court, committing their full efforts to secure the most favorable outcome for you. Please call 512.203.2649